14MW SZS Condensing Gas Hot Water Boiler Project

Beijing Fengtai Urban Construction Property Management Co., Ltd. (corner door heating station) Two level enterprise of property management qualification

  1. Industry: Heating Industry Case
  2. Project boiler medium: hot water
  3. Project Type: Supporting
  4. Rated output of the project: 14MW
  5. Project address: Fengtai, Beijing
  6. Project supporting boiler: 6 sets of SZS14-1.25/115/70-Q

Case Introduction

Beijing Fengtai urban construction Property Management Company, mainly engaged in property management and boiler heating. The company now manages the Corner Gate District, the Dongli District of the garden, the Garden District, the Fujin Jiayuan district, the Jiayuan one Li Feng Kai Yuan District, the six residential quarters and the corner gate and the two heating plants at the corner gate and the park garden. The total area of property management is 1 million 100 thousand square meters, and the heating area is 1 million 200 thousand square meters. At the end of 2016, the city construction property company carried out the bidding project for the procurement of boiler equipment in the corner gate and the Wang Yuan heating plant. The Zozen boiler won the winning bid by virtue of a grade a boiler manufacturing license, the BR II pressure vessel manufacturing license and the overall strength of the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. In 2017, there were 3 14MW SZS condensing gas fired hot-water boilers for the corner gate and the Wang Yuan heating plant respectively for the daily heating water supply of residential quarters.

Customer Feedback

Property management related responsible person said that after a tight and orderly installation and commissioning, the 6 boiler of the corner gate and the garden heating plant is stable and powerful. Zozen boiler is a well-known boiler enterprise. Its product quality is very reliable. All kinds of monitoring devices are complete and the boiler is fully intelligent.

About us

Zozen after years of rapid development, and actively promote the innovation technology, quality management, standardize the operation of service mode, and in the industry took the lead in the establishment of Computing center and local network, the full implementation of computerized information management.

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Wuxi Zozen has now become one of the most comprehensive large-scale boiler equipment companies in the industry.