Atmospheric Pressure Hot Water Boilers

The widespread use of hot water boilers has led to more people knowing about hot water boilers. The hot water boilers are divided into several types of hot water boilers, such as gas, coal, and fuel, depending on the type of fuel used; they are also classified into two types, atmospheric pressure hot water boilers and pressure-bearing hot water boilers, depending on the capacity of the pressured materials. The water boiler is an atmospheric hot water boiler, also called a "pressureless hot water boiler". Because it is safe to operate, people use the normal pressure hot water boiler for heating or bathing in winter. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of atmospheric hot water boilers?

  1. 1. because it is the normal pressure hot water boiler, can exclude the boiler room pressure relief, so there is almost no explosion accident, but it still needs to be regularly monitored according to the actual situation.
  2. 2. in the face of sudden power failure, it has its own regulation and protection function.
  3. 3. because of the continuous improvement of technology, the process is also gradually simplified. To a great extent, the steel structure material is saved, the cost of production is reduced, and the investment of the users can be saved.

Different atmospheric hot water boiler and pressure hot water boiler

1, The change of pressure in the furnace: The biggest difference between atmospheric hot water boiler and pressure boiler is pressure. Even if the low cost normal pressure hot water boiler, the pressure of the hot water in the furnace is always consistent with the atmospheric pressure, and will not change with the temperature of the water. On the contrary, the pressure boiler is made up of closed vessels and pipes because of the steam water system in the furnace, and naturally follows the change of the water temperature. It is a more intuitive way to distinguish the two from the pressure change inside the furnace.

2, see the water level control problem: professional supply of normal pressure hot water boiler because of the operation of no pressure, in order to realize the normal pressure operation, the inlet of the circulating water pump is connected with the outlet of the boiler, the hot water in the suction boiler is heating to the user, the water pipe of the user and the necklace of the inlet of the boiler are equal to the amount of water. Therefore, there is water level control in the atmospheric hot water boiler. When the boiler is full of water, there are still open boxes at the top, and there is water level control. However, there is no water level control problem in the pressurized hot water boiler, which is one of the two significant differences.

3, look at the structural constraints: the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler in terms of structural parameters, compared with the pressure hot water boiler is much simpler. Different from the strict restrictions on the boiler capacity, parameters and installation position of the pressure boiler, the normal pressure hot water boiler needs only a reasonable arrangement of the heating surface to ensure that the water circulation is reliable, and the structure is limited. To a great extent, it can be set up, building and installing according to the actual needs of the user, and it is more flexible and convenient. . This is also an important reason why the atmospheric hot water boiler has been attracting more and more users.

In a word, the difference between the normal pressure hot water boiler and the pressure hot water boiler is mainly manifested in three aspects: the change of the pressure in the furnace, the control of the water level and the limitation of the structure.

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