Vertical Automatic Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Coal fired steam boiler is the fuel burning coal, coal heat is converted to produce steam, but not all of the heat is effectively converted, there is a part of no industrial consumption, so there is a problem of efficiency, the general large boiler efficiency is higher, 60 - 80%.

The vertical coal-fired steam boiler is divided into two parts: the pot and the furnace, wherein the endothermic part is called the boiler, and the part that generates heat is called the furnace.

The fuel is burned in the furnace, and the chemical energy is converted to heat. The flue gas of the high temperature combustion product passes the energy to the lower temperature water in the steam pot through the heated surface, and the water is heated, then boiling and vaporizing and generating steam. Boilers are mainly composed of steam cooker, stove, economizer, air preheater, draught fan, blower and dust collector.

The working process of a boiler consists of three simultaneous processes, namely, the combustion process of the fuel, the heat transfer process from the flue gas to the water and the vaporization process of the water.

As an important equipment in industrial production, vertical coal-fired steam boilers are widely used in chemical, metallurgical and power industries. Boiler control system is a very complex control process, with strong coupling, large time delay and great nonlinear characteristics. The control effect has not been ideal.

With the continuous improvement of control requirements, traditional control methods are hard to meet the existing requirements. Through investigation and analysis, it is found that about 95% of the control processes are controlled by traditional PID, and the control effect is poor. In recent years, some advanced intelligent control methods have been introduced into the boiler control system, and good control results have been achieved. Many documents have similar applications, such as the combination of neural network, fuzzy control and programmable controller to control the boiler, and the control effect has been improved to a certain extent. According to the related literature, the boiler control system is analyzed, and a method based on neural network internal model control is proposed to improve the automatic control efficiency of the system, and finally achieve energy saving, consumption, safety and efficiency.

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