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The present society is a society with scarce resources. The speed of social development is too fast to lead to the scarcity of resources, and a lot of scarce resources have been reduced gradually. For example, the primary energy of coal and oil is decreasing, the pressure of the energy crisis in the world is further increasing, and the development of all kinds of alternative energy is becoming more and more rapid, especially the renewable biomass energy is becoming more and more widely used by various countries. We attach importance to it.

At present, biomass energy mainly includes solid biomass fuel, liquid biomass fuel and gaseous biomass fuel. The biomass briquetting fuel produced by the production of energy crops, instead of the traditional coal, firewood and other fuels, as the fuel of various boiler and fuel heating devices, is a new type of environment-friendly biomass fuel. Biomass fuel is now widely used, and the auxiliary biomass fuel boiler equipment is also widely manufactured. It can be said that the rise of biomass fuel leads to the development of biomass boilers.

Comparison of different biomass wood fuels

Wood chip biomass fuel

Wood chips are cut into pieces of wood about 5-50 mm. It is superior to big branches and sawdust. However, if these branches are too large, they will block the wood chip boiler feed system, and if it is too small, the biological boiler burning will be unstable. If the bark content is too high, the same situation will occur. Therefore, these chips are pretreated, depending on different materials, different cuts, and so on. In general, these are handled by the chip supplier, who will prepare the biomass fuel according to your different requirements.

In order to produce wood fuel, the trees and trimmings are cut into pieces and then dried to make the water reach the requirements.

Wood pellet biomass fuel

Wood pellets are kneaded with sawdust or wood and the wood resin material is processed into a cylinder with a diameter of 6-10 mm and a length of 10-30 mm.

Wood pellets do not contain other artificial chemicals, but sometimes they participate in starch or corn flour to improve stability: they become a high-density, low-moisture fuel that is easy to transport and store.

There are many considerations when choosing different fuels. Understanding system planning, boiler settings, and fuel storage types are all critical. After transportation and storage requirements, it is often possible to predict what type of fuel to choose.

Biomass boiler and biomass wood pellet

Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler that uses biomass fuel as raw material and adopts gasification and solidification to convert biomass into fuel. Biomass boilers have a wide range of raw materials, as long as they are photosynthetic woody idle materials, such as rice husks, sunflower shells, sorghum stalks, corn stalks, bean stalks, and so on, high temperature, high pressure, after a special forming mechanism pressed into cylindrical particles After the fuel is put into a specially-manufactured boiler, sufficient heat can be generated, and the slag produced can still be used as potassium fertilizer to supply crops.

The working principle of biomass wood pellet boiler: biomass wood pellet boiler is spread evenly from the feeding port or upper part on the top grate. After ignition, it opens the fan, the volatilization analysis in the fuel, flame downward combustion, rapidly forming high temperature zone in the area of unflammable zone and suspended grate, which creates conditions for continuous stable ignition. The hot fuel and unburned particles, which have been burned up in the gap between the grate and the volatiles, fall down on the side of the draft fan and gravity, and fall down at the high temperature of the suspended grate and continue to fall on the lower grate, and finally fall to the lower grate, and the unburned fuel particles continue to burn and the ash particles burned out. When the lower grate falls into the ash bucket of the ash removal device, when the ash reaches a certain height, the ash gate is opened and discharged. In the process of fuel falling, the two air outlet replenish certain oxygen for suspension combustion, and the oxygen supplied by the three air outlet is burning on the lower grate, and the flue gas after the complete combustion leads to the convection heating surface through the flue gas exit. The large particle dust is thrown into the ash bucket as the separator is thrown up by the separator, and the small dust is blocked by the net of the dust collector and most fall into the ash bucket. Only a few tiny particles enter the convective heat surface, which greatly reduces the dust of the convective heat surface and improves the heat transfer effect.

Advantage of biomass wood pellet boiler

  1. 1. it conforms to the national environmental protection policy, and the sulfur content and the nitrogen content of the fuel are also very low, which is of great benefit to the environment.
  2. 2. biomass wood pellet boiler can automatically adjust blanking, easy to operate, smokeless and less ash after burning, usually only about 2%.
  3. 3. the thermal efficiency of the boiler is generally high in 85% (coal in 70-75%). The actual combustion effect is less than the fuel and gas. After burning, it is not coking, the service life of the boiler is long, and the ash is simple (can be directly done to the field of fertilizer).

Biomass boiler is a kind of biomass boiler. The boiler that uses biomass energy as fuel is called biomass boiler, which is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast stove, biomass heat transfer oil furnace. Vertical biomass boilers, horizontal biomass boilers, etc.

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