15 Tons WNS Condensing Gas Boiler Project

Henan excellent wheat food (white elephant instant noodles Xinzheng factory)

  1. Industry: Food Industry Case
  2. Item Boiler Medium: Steam
  3. Project Type: Support
  4. Project rated output: 15 tons / hour
  5. Project address: Xinzheng, Henan
  6. Project supporting boiler: WNS15-1.25-Q

Case Introduction

Henan Youmai Food Co., Ltd. is part of the White Elephant Food Group and was established in 2013. It mainly develops, produces and sells "White Elephant" and "Youmai" brand noodles. The drying process of the noodles generally has high temperature and rapid drying, low temperature and slow drying, and medium temperature and medium speed drying.

Dry noodle drying is also the most invested and technically most productive process in the entire production line, and has a very important relationship with product quality and production cost. The phenomenon of crispy noodles, tidal surface and sour noodles in production is caused by unreasonable drying equipment and technology. Therefore, White Elephant Food attaches great importance to the purchase of boiler equipment by Xinzheng Factory. In 2017, White Elephant Food ordered a 15-ton WNS condensing gas boiler in Zhongzheng through layer screening. The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler are filled with multi-layer aluminum silicate fiber, and then insulated with high-temperature refractory mud to increase thermal resistance, effectively reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.

Customer feedback

The good or bad of the boiler equipment determines the daily output of our noodles. Thanks to Zozen for installing and debugging the high efficiency and high quality steam boiler for our Xinzheng factory in the shortest time, and boosted our production line smoothly.

About us

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