Gas Fired Boiler Heating 49000 Square Meter

49 thousand square meters of heating area need large gas fired boiler? It is not a sudden to be able to give the answer, but also need to be analyzed, taking into account the factors of many aspects, then what are the factors that affect the heating area?

  1. 1, The boiler itself. This factor is very critical. Because the thermal efficiency of the furnace will directly affect the heating effect. 92% of the gas stove will definitely have better heating effect than the 80% coal-fired boiler.
  2. 2, the use of fuel calorific value: here is just the gas, did not say what the specific gas, natural gas or blast furnace gas? Their calorific values are different, of which the calorific value of natural gas is the highest, and the natural effect is the best.
  3. 3, the height of the house, the size of space: building, shopping mall this type of all buildings are relatively high, compared to ordinary residential quarters, they need a larger furnace.
  4. 4, thermal insulation performance: the insulation effect of the house is also directly related to the final effect, the house heat preservation effect is good, heat dissipation is slow, the heating effect is also longer.
  5. 5, difference between North and South: 1 tons of hot-water boiler can only heat 6000 square meters in the north, but it can supply 8000 square meters in the south.
  6. 6, the elevation difference: the heating effect of high altitude is much worse, for example, in the high and cold places in Tibet, 1 tons of furnace can only supply 5000 square meters for heating.

Selection of gas fired boiler manufacturers

Now we know how big the gas fired boiler is for heating 49000. Next is the time to choose gas boiler manufacturers. Choosing a strong and qualified gas fired boiler manufacturer is equivalent to choosing a high-quality, cost-effective, and after-sale gas fired boiler.

Determine the type of gas fired boiler

As we know, the heating area of the 1 ton boiler is 5000 square meters -8000 square meters, and the heating area of 49 thousand square meters needs 6 ton -10 ton gas hot water boiler. And heating is using gas fired hot water boiler, then the 6 tons of gas fired hot water boiler type and specific parameters?

Our company can choose the following models: WNS series and SZS series.

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