Small Hot Water Boiler For Hotel

As we all know, the hotel hot water project is a great demand for hot water. The hotel hot water system plays a very important role in improving the corporate image. With the promotion of hot water projects in hotels, hot water projects in hotels have been widely used in large and medium-sized hotels. The promotion of hotel hot water project not only reduces the cost of hotel heating, but also has important significance for energy conservation and emission reduction. Then, what type of water heater should be chosen for the construction of the hot water project in hotels?

Hotel and other places need heating and sanitary hot water supply. Heating and sanitary hot water supply need to use the boiler, the general hotel heating methods are the following three:

1. Use steam boiler heating exchanger

The heating method generally uses the high temperature steam produced by the steam boiler, enters the heat exchanger with the volume type heat exchanger, heat the hot water in the heat exchanger, and supplies the hot water in the heat exchanger, and uses the hot water in the steam heating plate heat exchanger produced by the steam boiler to make the heating.

The disadvantage of this kind of heating mode is to carry on two heat exchange. The heat exchanger and the plate heat exchanger will have heat loss and low heat transfer efficiency when the heat exchanger is exchanged. Moreover, the steam boiler is under pressure operation, which is explosive and unsafe. A full-time stoker is also required to operate.

2. Use normal pressure hot water boiler and heat exchanger

The constant pressure hot water boiler plus heat exchanger is a common heating method in hotels and guesthouses. Generally, high temperature hot water is produced by atmospheric hot water boiler first, and then hot water is supplied by hot water and positive displacement heat exchanger to generate hot water. The high temperature hot water in the atmospheric hot water boiler is used to heat the plate heat exchanger to generate the hot water needed for heating.

This kind of heating method is the same as the first heating mode, and it needs two heat exchange. As long as there are two times of heat transfer, heat loss will be generated. Normal pressure hot water boilers are safe and generally do not have the risk of explosion, but normal pressure hot water boilers are inefficient and easy to scale. After being used for a long time, it will cause a decline in thermal efficiency or even the risk of system.

3. using vacuum hot water boiler heating and sanitary hot water

Vacuum hot water boiler is a new trend in the field of hotel and hotel heating. The vacuum hot water boiler is a built-in heat exchanger that can directly discharge hot water at the required temperature. Therefore, vacuum boilers do not require secondary heat exchange for heating and sanitary hot water. If it is used for sanitary hot water, only a hot water tank needs to be installed, and if the heating is performed, the outlet water temperature can be directly set for direct heating.

The advantages of vacuum hot water boiler for heating and sanitary hot water supply in hotels and guesthouses are:

  1. Safety: vacuum boiler running under negative pressure, without explosion risk, is very safe. It is the state's exemption from inspection and inspection of boiler.
  2. The system is simple: direct effluent, and multiple heat exchangers can be built, while heating and sanitary hot water are provided.
  3. Efficient: thermal efficiency is high, thermal efficiency can generally reach more than 94%.

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